Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Tips On Keeping Your Artificial Turf Cool In The Summer

by Tiffany Gonzales

You may be thinking of getting artificial turf for your home, and it's a good choice with lots of advantages. However, it has a reputation for getting a bit warm during the hotter times of the year. Live turf stays cool mostly because it holds water, but artificial turf needs no regular watering. It is true that artificial turf does warm up when in direct sunlight, but there are ways to mitigate the problem. Here are four ways to cool down your artificial turf to make it a more comfortable temperature.

Rinse off Your Turf 

While you may have bought your turf so that you can save on water, you can still quickly rinse off your turf occasionally and still be a saver. Plus, you'll have the added benefit of keeping your turf clean from disease-causing bacteria and other debris. Generally, all you need is a regular garden hose at a gentle stream to both cool down and rinse your turf clean.

Provide More Shade

You can provide shade in a variety of way including planting more trees and bushes. The areas underneath these plants would normally be bare when you use natural grass, anyway, because of the lack of light. Shade plants can also add interest and beauty to your yard as well as providing a shady spot for you to hang out in on hot days.

Use a Different Infill or Base

The infill and base protect your turf and keeps the blades looking tall and straight. Many artificial turf infills and base materials are made of dark rubber which can absorb light and make things feel warm. You can remedy this by choosing a different material, preferably one that is lighter in color. You can even choose products with a natural base or those that resist bacteria.

Reduce Window Glare

Believe it or not, your home's window glare can contribute to the temperature of your artificial turf and even cause it to burn or melt. You can reduce this problem by placing dark screens over your window or covering your window with an anti-glare material. You can also add awnings to redirect and reduce the amount of light that bounces down towards the lawn.

Even though artificial turf may get a little warm on sunny days compared to natural grass, it's rarely so warm that you can't use your lawn. However, if you want to make sure your turf stays comfortable as much as possible, the four things mentioned above can help. If you are thinking of replacing your lawn with this type of ground covering, talk to an artificial grass deal for more information.


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Creating A Gorgeous Garden

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