Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Transform Your Lawn From One That Is Filled With Weeds And Bare Patches Into One That Contains Uniform Blades Of Lush Grass

by Tiffany Gonzales

If you recently purchased a home that is surrounded by a yard filled with weeds and sparsely covered sections of grass, transform the landscape from one that is unappealing into one that is filled with uniform blades of lush grass by completing the steps below. Once you have acquired a yard that you are proud of, install a decorative border around it to enhance your work of art.


  • herbicide
  • garden gloves
  • weed pulling tool
  • trash bag
  • lawn tiller
  • rake
  • shovel
  • soil
  • seed spreader
  • grass seed
  • sprinkler system
  • flat paving stones
  • measuring tape

Eliminate Weeds And Level The Ground

Put on a pair of garden gloves before spraying weeds with an herbicide. Aim the herbicide directly at each weed, and avoid oversaturating any of them because excess chemicals could spill onto other plants or grass by doing so and kill them as a result. Wait the recommended amount of time that is listed on the herbicide container before attempting to remove all of the weeds. In most cases, weeds will become limp after the herbicide has killed them.

Use a weed pulling tool or your hands to remove the weeds from the ground. Make sure that each weed's root system is removed from the ground. Dispose of the weeds in a trash bag. Level the ground by raking it. If there are any small holes in the property, add shovelfuls of soil to them. Afterward, rake the fresh soil until it is flush with the property that surrounds it.

Plant Grass Seed And Add A Border

Fill a seed spreader with a variety of grass seed that is the same type as the grass that is growing in the rest of your yard. Apply the seed in straight lines to bare patches. Once grass seed has been dispersed, set up a sprinkler system on your property that is capable of emitting water to all of the freshly planted sections. Adjust the settings on the sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn receives the amount of water that is necessary for the variety of grass that you have chosen.

Once new blades of grass are growing on your lawn, measure the sides of your property and purchase enough flat paving stones to cover them. Place paving stones firmly into the ground until all of them are stable. Use a measuring tape to assist with placing an even amount of space between each stone. The decorative border will complement the lawn and will provide you with a suitable area to walk upon while outdoors. 

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Creating A Gorgeous Garden

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