Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Five Signs That Your Need To Trim Your Tree

by Tiffany Gonzales

If you are like many homeowners, you may not give your landscape trees much thought as long as they appear healthy and put on a full canopy of leaves each year. While it's true that healthy trees are relatively low maintenance, they aren't necessarily no maintenance. The following are some signs that it's time to trim your trees.

Sign #1: Branches are touching the house

When tree branches grow long enough that they scrape against the siding or rest on the roof, both the tree and the home is in danger. Rubbing on the house can damage siding, break windows, or rip of shingles. It can also break branches. Have the overgrown branches trimmed back sufficiently so they won't hit the house even in a strong wind.

Sign #2: You can see deadwood

Dead branches up in the canopy won't be producing leaves, so they are relatively easy to spot in early spring. You may also notice breaks in the wood, cracking, or loss of bark as signs of deadwood. These dead branches are an actual danger, since they can drop and harm someone. These should be trimmed out as soon as you notice them.

Sign #3: The interior is dying out

When the interior branches become too dense, sunlight won't reach the buds so leafing out becomes sparse. The branches will also rub together, which leads to damage. Poor air circulation is another concern, since this can favor fungal growth. If the interior of the canopy seems overly dense or you notice small branches and leaves dying out, it's time to have the canopy thinned.

Sign #4: The canopy looks unbalanced

Uneven growth or the loss of a large limb or two can leave you with an unbalanced tree. If the canopy is obviously more developed on one side than the other, you have more than an appearance problem. This uneven weight distribution can increase the chances of the tree blowing down in high winds. Having the canopy thinned on thicker side can help distribute the weight more evenly.

Sign #5: There's scrappy growth

Scrappy growth along the trunk or around the base of the tree weakens the over all tree. These small whip like branches, called suckers, siphon water and nutrients away from the canopy. Some trees are simply more prone to scrappy growth, but keeping it pruned off solves the problem.

For more help, contact a tree trimming and landscape service in your area.


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