Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Chilly Landscape Design: How-To Use Your Yard Year Round

by Tiffany Gonzales

Ah, landscape design. It's all about the summer. Right? Maybe not. The spring rolls around and you get ready to plant. You (and your designer) come up with a plan and get to work. As the summer starts, you've got a growing garden and a yard that's completely ready for outdoor entertaining. Before you know it, the warm weather is done and you're heading into fall and winter. Does that mean you need to pack up your outdoor space and forget about using it until the mercury rises? No way. Planning a design for the chillier months lets you use that outdoor area and making the most of your entertaining space.

Fire Features

It's a chilly fall day. Sitting outside doesn't exactly sound cozy. But it can be. Adding a fire feature warms things up and can make your outdoor experience comfortable. Fire features range from small, movable pits to larger, more ornate chimneys. If you're looking to make a statement, an outdoor fireplace with mosaic tile, a natural stone pattern, or dancing flames will keep you warm and please the eye. You also have plenty of options when it comes to what your fire feature is made from. Common outdoor fireplace materials include brick, natural stone, and stucco.

Gas Heaters

You can also keep yourself (and your guests) warm with an outdoor gas heater. These freestanding heaters use propane or natural gas to keep the area immediately around them warm. When it comes to aesthetics, you've got an array of options here. There are plenty of designer heaters that come in classic, contemporary, or even industrial looks.

Lots of Lighting

The lights surrounding you won't heat things up (like a fire feature would). But they are necessary. Why? During the winter months the sun sets earlier. That means if your outdoor get-together starts at 5:00 pm, you'll be eating in the dark. Your fire pit and fireplace will provide some natural-looking lighting. Along with that, you can add strings of lights (think all-year Christmas lights), colored LED lights (for a fun look), projected lighting (this can highlight other design elements or the surrounding plant-life), chandeliers (or other hanging lights), or wall-mounted lamps.

Landscape design isn't just a summer activity. You can use your outdoor space year-round, making it ready for entertaining whether it's August, October, or February. With a warming fire feature (or heater) and plenty of strategic lighting, you can turn your yarn into a year-round party spot. 


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Creating A Gorgeous Garden

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