Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Creating A Gorgeous Garden

A Few Things To Know About Pressure Washing Your Driveway

by Tiffany Gonzales

If you've invested a lot of time and money into beautifully landscaping your yard, you don't want a stained and dirty driveway to ruin the appearance of your property. Even if the brick or concrete is covered with ground-in dirt, mildew, and other stains, it is possible to make it look like new when you have it pressure washed. However, pressure washing isn't as simple as blasting away debris with high pressure. In fact, water under high pressure can damage your driveway. That's why it's best to let a professional do the job. Here are some things you need to know.

Brick Requires Gentle Care

Brick should be cleaned with low pressure only because it is so porous. The first important step is to soak the brick with water. This protects it from chemical cleaners that might cause damage. Once the surface of the brick is wet, then the brick can be cleaned with a pressure washer hooked up to a scrubbing head. Chemicals that break up dirt and mildew are applied to the brush. The scrubbing head actually does most of the work rather than the power from a pressure washer. Once the bricks are clean, a final, gentle rinse is needed in order to get rid of the chemical solutions. Brick is often cleaned with a flared nozzle that has a wide spray rather than one that delivers a more powerful small stream. So, while you may be tempted to rent a power washer to force weeds from the bricks and blast off stains, you might do more harm than good. It is better to take a gentle approach when cleaning a brick driveway or walkway.

High Pressure Can Damage Concrete

Concrete is more durable than brick, but it is also porous, so it needs to be cleaned with medium pressure. Rather than using a pressure washer alone to break up stains, it is better to apply a cleaning solution to the surface of your driveway and let it work for a few minutes before using the power washer. This makes stains much easier to remove, so you can use less pressure. There are a variety of attachments available for a pressure washer. When you attach a soaping nozzle, fan nozzle, or a scrub brush attachment, it automatically reduces the force of the spray. Plus, you'll want to set the pressure washer on low or medium. Using water under high pressure to clean a concrete driveway could drive water into the concrete. This might lead to cracking or pitting, so it's best to use as little pressure as you can to get the job done.

A pressure washer is a useful tool that makes cleaning your driveway and walkways much easier than if you relied on using a garden hose. However, the best results are obtained when the washer is used correctly. You don't need a lot of power to get rid of even stubborn stains. Low pressure is usually enough to drive debris and dirt off your driveway, and by using low pressure, you'll do less damage so you can clean your driveway more often to keep it looking like new. To learn more, contact a residential pressure washing company.


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Creating A Gorgeous Garden

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