Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Creating A Gorgeous Garden

Landscaping Treatments To Start Spring Off With A Green Thumb

by Tiffany Gonzales

Soon, spring will be here and so will the rain, insects, and problems that attack plants and landscaping. Treating for insects, fertilizing your lawn, and doing other maintenance will ensure that your landscaping gets off to a good start this spring. Here are some treatments that you will want to schedule for spring to give your garden the green thumb treatment:

1. Overseeding That Lawn, And Planting Seeds and Bulbs

During summer droughts, the grass in lawns will die and turn yellow. The winter is also a time when grass is dead and dormant. If you want to have a lawn that is green all year, plant different grass species. This process includes overseeding with different grasses and treatments to give your lawn green grass throughout the year. Bermuda species are good for the summer months, while wheat is a good choice for winter grass that is green.

2. Treating Your Landscaping for Pests That Invade Gardens and Homes

During the spring months, insects and other pests come out. These pests will invade your landscaping and eventually get into your home. Have your lawn treated for pests during the later winter months to ensure any infestations are kept under control. If you live in an area with specific invasive species problems like foreign beetles, talk with your landscaping contractor about what can be done to protect your home and plants from these problems before spring arrives.

3. Fertilizing Treatments and Irrigation Improvements in Time for Spring

There are many treatments that will help to improve your lawn before the warm weather arrives. If you want to have healthy plants and a green lawn, have fertilizer treatments done. Slow-release fertilizing techniques can be used to ensure your plants have the nutrients they need throughout summer. In addition, you may want to consider doing improvements to irrigation systems before summer droughts arrive. Grey water is a good solution to provide water for your garden and cut water consumption. The appliances in your home can drain directly to a sand filter that drains to the plants that are not as drought tolerant. Since this is waste water, you will also be able to avoid fines and water restrictions. 

These are some of the treatments that you will want to start off with this spring to give your garden a green thumb. Contact a lawn care service to help with some of these tasks and get your garden ready for warmer weather. 


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Creating A Gorgeous Garden

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